Playing a musical instrument and music-making with like-minded musicians have been popular spare-time activities for centuries.Your interest in our courses shows that this is still true today.
Musique en Vacances has been organising international courses for musicians of all levels and ages for nearly 30 years.
Guided by professional tutors and equally active musicians, our participants are given the opportunity to discover music of the world's most renowned composers from the Renaissance up to the present day.

It all started in 1981. François Mayrand met Jean-Louis Sajot, well known clarinetist of the Orchestre National de France in Paris.
They shared an idea : there must be many amateur musicians who would like to meet and play chamber music for a week during their summer holidays.
So it proved to be: and after only a few years , the non-profit making organisation Musique en Vacances had become an established actor on the French summer course market.
Over the years, thousands of musicians have enjoyed making music together and, at the same time, visiting the beautiful spots chosen as venues by the Association.
Gradually these summer weeks have become truly international. Musicians from 12 countries regularly come to play their instrument in Loches in August.


The founder and director, François Mayrand (left) and Jean Poinsot, responsible for the music programme.