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Maggy Anciaux
Maggy Anciaux

Artist, painter and sculptor

Maggy Anciaux

After training at the Beaux-Arts of Verviers and Liège in the 80’s, Maggy Anciaux mainly dedicates herself to sculpture but also practices other techniques.

Nature is part of her daily life, she lives in Touraine. Pencils and sketchbooks are always at hand to help her observe and be inspired by nature.
She exhibits in art fairs and festivals both in France and abroad.
Maggy shares her passion by teaching in workshops for adults and children in schools and associations.

Since 2009, within the framework of Musique en Vacances and then Euromusica, she offers drawing, painting and sculpture-modeling workshops.

Different techniques are studied such as drawing, sketching, pastels, watercolor and acrylic painting, sculpture and modelling of clay. Sketching and watercolor sessions are organized in Loches and its beautiful surroundings. 

The workshop is tailored to the level of each participant, from beginner to advanced, but always with the pleasure of creating art together.

Themes proposed during previous workshops include “graphics design in life” or “portrait and travel journal”.

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