Practical information


The constitution of the groups of the chamber music workshop starts in May according to the number of registered participants. It is therefore recommended to register as early as possible, in order to try and meet your wishes regarding the musical works and composition of the groups.
For those who register for the first time, please consult “Getting ready “.

Location of the Workshop

The workshop takes place at the St Denis middle and high school in Loches (Saint-Denis International School), located 5 minutes walk from the city centre. 
The entrance is located rue Henri Dunant (at the bend), accessible from avenue Bas Clos. Be careful, Saint-Denis also has another address, 19 avenue du Général de Gaulle, which does not allow access to the workshop.
Cars should be parked in car parks very near to the school, although people with reduced mobility may park in the school courtyard. Cars may temporarily park in the school courtyard on the day of reception/departure in order to unload/load luggage.

Reception on the first day of the workshop takes place between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Saint-Denis International School

Access by public transportation 

Loches is accessible by train or bus from the TOURS Centre train station (1h15 from Paris by TGV).
Participants arriving at Loches train station can ask the organizers to pick them up by car provided that they inform them in advance of their arrival time.
During the month of July, an exchange is organized between participants to propose or request carpooling (“blablaloches”).

You can find good deals and book your tickets on

and of course the national companies: SBB, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, …depending on where you are coming from.


Depending on the option chosen, it is possible to be lodged on-site during the workshop. It is up to those who do not wish to benefit from this on-site accommodation to make their own reservations for hotels, bed&breakfast, or other accommodation.


These are boarding school rooms located in two buildings at the centre of all activities.
People who have difficulty climbing stairs must inform the organizers.

There are two categories of rooms: 

Spacious rooms, located in the Padré Piot building (category 1 room) ;
Accommodation in this building can be as a shared (double or triple) or single room depending on the chosen rate.

Rooms located in the Saint-Joseph building, are smaller and less comfortable (category 2 room).

Whatever the chosen category, the rooms are air-conditioned (controlled centrally), and equipped with a small bathroom (sink, shower, toilet).

Meals :

Meals (lunch & dinner) are taken on site at the canteen of Saint-Denis and are provided every day except for the rest day and for two evenings during the workshop. On these occasions the participants must arrange to eat elsewhere or “picnic” inside the college.
Breakfast is served every day and is included for those staying on site.


All lessons take place in the college classrooms, whether they are for the chamber music, music initiation, or fine arts workshops. The official language of the workshop is french, therefore this is the language used in the lessons, although some of the teachers and some participants may be able to help you if you don’t speak french.

Instruments and equipment

Euromusica rents pianos which are installed in the teachers’ classrooms and in the concert hall. Some are also installed in “work” rooms, with certain hours reserved for pianists according to a pre-established schedule.
For the other instrumentalists, please remember to insure your instruments and to bring your music scores and a music stand along with any other necessary material (strings, rosin/colophony, reeds, tuner, metronome, music paper, erasers, pencils, sellotape, folders for your music, clothes pegs …).
The art teacher provides the necessary materials for the fine arts workshop.


The concerts take place in the Salle Agnès Sorel located near to the school.

Free time and leisure 

Your free time between classes will no doubt be largely occupied by working on your pieces of music and by rehearsals with the other members of your groups or with other workshop participants, without the teachers.
However, Loches and its surroundings also offer many leisure activities: you can visit the Loire castles, tour the town, or just stroll around town, especially on market days. There are also sporting activities available, for example there is a local swimming pool. You can find more information on the Loches tourist office website.

Payment of your workshop

Payments should be made by bank transfer.

Reference for transfer :
IBAN : FR76 1027 8373 4600 0111 9720 132

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