Getting ready for the workshop...

At the time of registration

The workshop is suitable for musicians who already have some experience with their instrument as it consists of chamber music ensembles/groups. It is not required, however, to have previously played in a group.

You should estimate your level as accurately as possible for the registration form : the groups are composed according to the level of each musician, for the benefit of all, and to allow you to “prepare” the piece that will be played in concert. If you overestimate yourself, this will put the group in difficulty, including yourself. On the other hand, you risk being disappointed if you underestimate yourself. If you are taking lessons, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for advice.

It should be noted that the official language of the workshop is french, therefore this is the language used in the lessons, although some of the teachers and some participants may be able to help you if you don’t speak french.

Don’t hesitate either to contact the musical organiser (, or to give details in the comments section of the registration form

Between registration and the start of the workshop

Organisation of the groups

The groups are organised by one of the workshops teachers, the musical organiser (see “Musical information” on our Contacts page)

When registering and during the time groups are being organised, you can propose a partially or fully constituted group. Your wishes are taken into account as soon as the other musicians have validated their registration (payment of the deposit). You can also indicate the pieces of music you would like to work on during the workshop. 

IMPORTANT : In order to integrate new musicians and help the organisation of the groups, we’d like to underline the fact that you can only propose one pre-organised group. This proposal will be considered as a collective decision of all the musicians concerned, thereby using each individuals “entitlement” to propose a pre-organised group. As a result, the proposal for another group will be transformed into a choice of music. 

Proposals for larger groups, such as quintets (or more) will be favoured.

Nevertheless, the musical organiser will do his best to accomodate your requests.


Towards mid-June, the selected musical pieces and the composition of the groups will be communicated to the people concerned. Participants contact details will be made available so that you can get in touch and make arrangements, such as how to obtain the music, the choice of the movement to be worked on as a priority for the concert, the tempo that suits you, etc…

These preliminary exchanges are beneficial and help to establish a good understanding within the group : they allow you to agree on a certain number of points concerning the piece of music and to create friendships well before the workshop begins.

Due to the number of groups that need to play in the “musical moments” (daily concerts of the participants), pieces of music or movements for the concert should not last more than 10 minutes (excluding the repeats, which don’t necessarily need to be played).

You should also plan to work on several movements of the same piece, or alternative pieces of music for the same group of instruments/voice, for the lessons that come after the concert.

Finally, don’t forget that the workshop focuses on working together in ensembles/groups: it is therefore essential that you arrive at the workshop having already worked on your musical pieces as much as possible, in order to take full advantage of the time with your teachers and to avoid slowing down the other musicians in your groups.

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