Music initiation Teacher

Professeur initiation musicale
Yves Simard

Yves Simard

Yves Simard was born in Nevers where he started to play the clarinet and percussion, instruments he still practices today. After studying in Dijon, he taught Music Education in the French National Education system. At the same time, after studying conducting and harmony (with D. Dondeyne), he took over the leadership of several groups in the department of Yonne in 1973.

From 1980 to 2010, he directed a large musical structure (chamber orchestra, harmony, choir, orchestra, musical and instrumental training).

Now retired in the Vendée, he created a medieval and renaissance music group there. Furthermore, he has participated in all the “Musique en Vacances” workshops since its creation (except for one year devoted to travel) and then those of Euromusica. He is not only in charge of the music initiation workshop, but also directs the choir and the orchestra of the chamber music workshop.

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