During the workshop

First day welcome

The reception desk opens on Monday 29 July 2024 between 5pm and 7pm at the Saint-Denis International School in Loches.

The entrance is located rue Henri Dunant. There is a large car park nearby, although you can temporarily park in the courtyard of the school to unload your luggage. At the reception desk you will receive information about the time and place of your classes and, for those staying at the school, the location of your bedroom.

A welcome drink is organized at the beginning of the evening, with a presentation of the teachers followed by a festive dinner.

Accommodations and meals

Depending on the option chosen participants (& companions) may be lodged on-site, where all the rooms are equipped with a small bathroom. Single rooms are also available. This on-site option also includes breakfast.

All participants (& companions), whether lodged on-site or off-site are provided with lunch and dinner in the school restaurant each day, except for 2 evenings and the whole of the rest day. You can take advantage of these occasions to discover the local restaurants in Loches, or have a picnic on-site.

Activities during the workshop

Daily lessons (except rest day)

Lessons start on 30 July 2024 and end on 7 August 2024.

They take place every day between 9am and 12pm and between 3pm and 5pm except on the “rest day” (free day). Each participant has a one hour class with a teacher for each group, each day. The official language of the workshop is french, therefore this is the language used in the lessons, although some of the teachers and some participants may be able to help you if you don’t speak french.

Pianists are assigned practice rooms with a piano, which are reserved and shared according to a pre-established schedule.

If you wish you can also participate in an orchestra which is organized from 1:30 pm to 3 pm, and if your schedule permits, a choir which takes place between 4pm and 5 pm.

Both the orchestra and choir are optional but, if you wish to participate, you should attend regularly as they also perform a concert on the last day.

Finally, in addition to the 2 groups assigned to each participant, each section (flute, cello, voice..) meets once or twice with their respective teacher during the workshop to prepare for the concert on the last evening.

During your “free time” (between classes, and on the rest day), you have the possibility to practice on your own or with your groups, play other musical pieces with participants, listen to the orchestra rehearsal, read, walk. sightsee.. or do nothing at all


The participants perform the selected piece of music for each of their groups during the “musical moments” which take place at approx. 5.30pm from the third or fourth day on, according to a schedule decided by the teachers.

The teachers themselves also perform one or two concerts during the workshop, for the participants and the local public. A must see ! (and listen)

The "Rest Day"

Unless otherwise specified, the 5th day is the rest day.

It is the opportunity to visit Loches and its surroundings (Chateaux of the Loire Valley, Beauval Zoo…), to go cycling or do any other activity you wish.

Usually, in the evening, the participants organise an informal concert, with short pieces of music, that can be humorous, “light”, or more “serious”. Anyone who wants to take part in these concerts is welcome, solo pieces, duets, or more, no restrictions. This is totally OFF the workshop framework, that’s probably why it was named “THE OFF”.

Other activities

The Fine Arts group exhibits its art works towards the end of the workshop, often accompanied by music.

A concluding concert is given on the last evening, featuring each section (flute, cello, voice etc.), the orchestra and the choir.

This is followed by the final dinner, a festive affair, where each member can share the memories of the workshop spent together.

Please keep an eye on the notice boards and the Euromusica website members page for up-to-date information and announcements.

The "Au Revoir"

The departure is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, 8 August 2024

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